Municipal Party Secretary - Mr. Xu Huiming's Visit to GLVAC
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On March 15, a chilly day in early spring, GLVAC hosted a visit for Kunshan Municipal Party Secretary - Mr. Xu Huiming and his delegation. Accompanied by Board Chairman - Mr. Yin Jianping, they went deep into the production line for research.

Mr. Yin introduced to Mr. Xu about GLVAC's great effort on carrying out the overall scheme of industrial transformation and upgrading; plan & progress of new energy industry, accelerating tube in medical industry and national high energy physics at this stage; actively respond and carry out the "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy which was put forward by General Secretary - Mr. Xi Jinping to get the new energy products out and successfully become the supporting enterprise of new energy automobiles such as Tesla, etc. Mr. Xu and his delegation gave constant praise to GLVAC's product layout, advanced production technology, increasing investments in research & development of new products and field management.

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