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Hydrogen Thyratrons-GL108
Product Name£ºHydrogen Thyratrons-GL108
Item No£ºGL108
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Product Details Introduction

Anode Parameter
Peak forward anode voltage 35kV
Peak inverse anode voltage 5kA
Peak Reverse Anode Voltage  18kV
Peak Reverse Anode Current 2.5kA
Average Anode Current 2A
Anode Current Pulse Duration 0.15us
Anode Dissipation Factor 50*10^9
Anode Current Rate of Rise

5*10^10 A/s [1]

Grid 2 drive
Peak Open Circuit Trigger Voltage  500V ~ 1500V
Driver Circuit Output Impedance 25 ~ 250Ω
Driver Pulse Rise Time 0 ~ 150 ns
Driver Pulse Width

1 us ~ 2 us

Bias Voltage (negative) 0V~-150V
Anode Delay Time 0 ~ 500ns
Anode Delay Time Drift 0 ~ 150ns
Grid 1 DC drive
DC grid 1 unloaded priming voltage  0 ~ 300V
DC grid 1 priming current 50mA ~ 100 mA
Grid 1 Pulse drive
Unload grid 1 drive pulse voltage 500V ~ 1500V
Grid 1 pulse duration 2us(min)
Rate of rise of grid 1 pulse 1kV/us(min)
Peak inverse grid 1 voltage 200V(max)
Drive current 1.0A~3.0A

Cathode And Reservoir Heater

Cathode heater voltage 6.3V+-5%V ac
Cathode heater current 14A ~ 16A
Reservoir heater voltage 6.3V+-5%V ac
Reservoir heater current 4A ~ 5A
Minimum heater time 5min

Mechanical Characteristics

Dimension and tube connections See dimensional date
Net weight About 1500g
Mounting position Any[2]
Dimension See outline
Cooling way

Forced-air or liquid immersion [3]

[1] This rate of rise refers to that part of the leading edge of the pulse between 26% and 70%of the pulse amplitude. 
[2] The tube must be mounted by means of its cathode mounting flange.
[3] The temperature of the envelope must not exceed the value specified below.
Ceramic, anode and grids below 150˚C. Cathode mounting flange and base below 120˚C.

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