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Product Name£ºCHV-400/3.3
Item No£ºCHV-400/3.3
CHV-400/3.3 contactors ac are suitable in electrical system with AC 50HZ, rated operation voltage up to 3.3kV, rated operation current up to 400A to make or break the circuit, suitable for the control of AC motor's frequent start-off and stop, widely used in power systems, oil fields, chemical industry, mine, metallurgists and electrified railway etc. 
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Product Details Introduction

Technical parameters
Rated voltage kV 3.3
Rated current A 400
Rated Turn-on capacity A/100 Times 4000
Rated Disjunction capacity A/25 Times 3200
High-point Disjunction capacity A/3 Times 4000
Rated short time withstanding current kA/2s 4
Rated peak withstanding current kA 10
Mechanical life Times 1*106
Electrical Life Times 6*104
Weight Kg 8
Controlled power voltage V(AC) 110,220
Closing power W(transient) 424.5
Hold power W 17
Auxiliary contact 5 pairs NO, 4 pairs NC
Auxiliary contact capacity Ue:AC380V Ie:10

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