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HV DC Contactors GL80
Product Name:HV DC Contactors GL80
Item No:GL80
Sealed HV DC/AC Contactor - 80Amp Power Switching RoHS Compliant
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Product Details Introduction

l Product specifications    



Contact Arrangement (main)


Rated Operating Voltage


Rated carrying current

80A See notes 1

Short term carrying current

2 minutes ,120A, 15 minutes, 180A (see notes 1)  

See Figure 3. Current carrying capacity

Minimal switching capacity

1A 12VDC  (See notes 2)

Max cut-off current (1 time)

800A@300VDC. (See notes 3)

See Figure 2. Cut-off capacity for resistive load at 400VDC.

Overload make and break capacity

120A@400VDC, 50 cycles. (See notes 3)

Reverse direction cut-off capacity

120A@200VDC, 50 cycles. (See notes 3)

Contact Resistance

<3.3 mΩ  (By voltage drop at 6V 20ADC)

Insulation Resistance  at 500VDC

100 MΩ  50 MΩ after life test

Dielectric at sea level (between open contacts and between contacts and coil)

2500 VRMS, 1 Minutes, (leakage < 10mA)

Pick-up time, 25˚C (tested at nominal coil voltage)
Release time, 25˚C


30ms (See notes 4)

Shock-functional (1/2 Sine,11ms, detection time,10μs)

20G’s for on, 10G’s for off

Shock-destructive  (1/2 Sine,6ms)


 Vibration-functional (10-200 Hz, detection time, 10μs)


 Vibration-destructive  (10-200 Hz )

4.5G’s ( Time of vibration for each direction; X, Y, Z direction: 4 hours)

Mechanical Life

200000 Cycles

Electrical life (resistive load)

1000 cycles 80A@400Vdc (see notes 3)

See Figure 1. Power switching capacity for resistive load at 400VDC.

 Operating ambient Temp Range

-40 to 80

 Storage ambient Temp Range

-40 to 85

 Weight, Typical


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