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GLVAC/GIGAVAC low voltage and high overload DC Contactor complies with MIL-R-6106 standard, and especially suitable for military vehicle and such applications requiring high load and high reliability.
DC Contactor adopts ceramic sealing technology which can withstand high temperature up to 200˚C. Contacts, coils, parts in electronic circuit are all inside the sealing chamber and will not be affected by external environment, so the contactor can be used in any elevation. Silver contacts have extremely low contact resistance and longer life. It can prevent contacts welding under high pulse current.
Low voltage and high overload DC Contactor has a variety of specifications including NO type, NC type, latching type and sensing control type with current and voltage.
GL Type Rated Current(A) Rated Voltage Range
Contact Form Auxiliary
Contact Form
Coil Voltage
Operating Temperature Range
MX34 400 48 SPST-NO SPST-NO/NC 12/24/48 -50 to +100 No
MX56 600 48 SPST-NO SPST-NO/NC 12/24 -50 to +100 No
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