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R Serial 3-phase AC Vacuum Contactors Instruction

R series AC vacuum contactor is a enclosed type and high power 3-phase AC contactor, including models of R160, R250, R400, R500, R630 R800 and R1250.This series of contactors have 3 groups of mainmake contacts; R160 and R250 have 3 groups of bridge type make auxiliary contacts and one group of bridge type break auxiliary contact; R400, R500,R630 and R800 have 4 groups of bridge type make auxiliary contacts and 2 groups of bridge type break;auxiliary contacts; R1250 and R2500 has 2 groups of bridge type make auxiliary contacts and 2 groups of bridge type break auxiliary contact; and R1250;can be extended to 6 groups of bridge type make auxiliary contacts and 6 groups of bridge type break auxiliary contact according to customer's using status.The rated current of R series AC vacuum contactor's main contact load is up to 160A-2500A, working voltage 380V-1500V, auxiliary contact load up to AC 12A, 240V 

R Serial 3-phase AC Vacuum Contactors Instruction

 Range of Application 

R series vacuum contactor's load rated current of main contact is upto 160A ~ 1250A, rated voltage 1.5kV, auxiliary contact load 10A, 240V.The series of contactor is widely applied in thefield of wind power, new energy, electric powe system, petroleum, chemical industry, coal mine,metallurgy and electrified railway, etc., used to making and breaking circuit, especially suitable for the frequent start and stop three-phase AC motors, and constituted to magnetic starter with various of protection devices. These contactors adopt electronic control coil, so no need of surge suppressor, which can replace the same kind products of foreign brand.

Operating Environmental

Ambient temperature (standard): -25˚C~ 45˚C
Ambient temperature (Military grade): -40˚C~ 70˚C
Storage temperature : -40˚C~ 80˚C
Altitude : <=3000 m
Shock (half-sinusoidal):10g, 10ms.
If you need special operating conditions, please consult us.

Technology Characteristics

Excellent performance can fully satisfy your repquirement to VC 

  • Vacuum arc techniqueVacuum interrupter
  • Can be used both in AC and DC
  • Wide rang voltage
  • Electronic control coil
  • No matter the power supply is AC/DC or
  • 50/60Hz, they can be directly connected
  • to the coil, without considering the power
  • network and the type of control power supply.

Vacuum Arc Technology

Vacuum interrupter

Vacuum interrupter design:R series dedicated vacuum interrupters use high quality bellows and low chop contactor used special contact material,the mechanical life is upto 1 million times.GuoLi has more than 40 years R&D and manufacturing experience in vacuum electric components, cumulatively produced 4 million pieces vacuum interrupter, widely used in electricity, energy, coal, chemical industry, oil,etc.R series vacuum contactor used vacuum interrupter was designed by the latest professional computer modeling software,adopts "one shut technology", the quality is more stable and reliable, at the same time,minimizing the pollution in the production process.R series dedicated vacuum interrupters use high quality bellows and low chop contactor used special contact material,the mechanical life is upto 1 million times

Working Principle

he most important three parts for vacuum contactor are vacuum interrupter,electromagnetic operating mechanism and control circuit components.User's control system issuing commands,vacuum contactor's coil will be energized, static iron core generated electromagnetic force,which will pick-up the moving iron core, also the contact will be drived to run at the same time, because it is linked with the moving iron core. And then contact closed, the power get through. When the coil is deenergized,electromagnetic force dispeared, the moving iron core linking part will be separated because of the spring reactive force, and then the contact disconnect, the power is off

Design Features.

Through finite element analysis simulating the temperature rise distribution of the contactor, provided theory basis for product development and optimized the product. Make R series three-phase AC vacuum contactor is more reliable in performance, safe to use for customers.By analyzing the attractive force and antiforceof the iron core, making them optimal, and improving the life of products.

Technical Specification

Main circuit contact resistance (uΩ) :
Initial value <= 100;after life test <=200
Insulation voltage: 1500V
Rated voltage Ue: AC 380V~1140V

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