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Typical Applications

RF Field Application :

GLVAC vacuum relays play a vital role when high power and low RF losses are required: • Vapor Deposition For Semiconductor Wafer Processing 
  • Radio Antenna Tuning Matching Circuits 
  • T/R Switches 
  • Pulse Forming Networks 
  • Ion Implant 
  • TWT Power Supplies
  • MRI Power Supplies 
  • Radar Systems
  • Security Screening Systems

DC and AC Power Switching Applications

GLVAC's exclusive EPIC TM (Extended Performance Impervious Ceramic) technology contactors are the perfect solution for: 
  • Intrinsically Safe, Explosion Proof Applications 
  • Cell Site Power Systems 
  • Power and Battery Back-Up Systems 
  • Solar and Other Alternative Power Systems 
  • Industrial DC Power Switching 
  • Trucks, Boats, Mining Equipment, Light Rail, Heavy Equipment, Recreation and Emergency Vehicles 

Test Equipment & Instrumentation:

GLVAC gas-filled relays are great for high in-rush and stable leakage current applications, and GLVAC vacuum relays are the perfect solution for low leakage and high carry current applications: 
  • ESD Pulse Forming Equipment 
  • Hi-pot Testing 
  • Cable Testing 
  • Motor Winding Testing 
  • Megohm Testing 
  • High Power Lasers 
  • Power Supply Testing 
  • Mass Spectrometry 
  • High Voltage Power Supplies 
  • Transformer Test Equipment 
  • Ballast Test Equipment

Specialized Applications:

GLVAC vacuum and GLVAC gas-filled relays are excellent for: 
  • Airport Lighting Systems 
  • Geosciences Down Hole Data Acquisition
  • Scientific Instrumentation 
  • Under-sea Power Distribution 
  • Sinusoidal Heart Defibrillators 

Custom Solutions for Special Applications

Because GLVAC Relays and Contactors are sealed to support a vacuum, they can also be filled with special gasses for custom applications. They can also be re-- packaged, tailored or tested to specific requirements:

  • Super low Nano amperage leakage 
  • Screw terminals, long flying leads or special connectors 
  • Low power latching configurations 
  • Special packaging to replace obsolete relays 
  • High temperature coils for operation over 200°C 
  • Very low temperature applications 
  • High pressure oceanic applications 
  • Low out-gassing and ¡°Hi-Rel¡± testing with traceability and configuration controls for space and satellites