Utilizing and Mounting  HV Relays

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Utilizing and Mounting HV Relays

  • Relays might be contaminated its ceramic envelope during the transfer or mount by dirty salt (such as hand sweat), which will decrease high voltage performance and cause air discharge, surface discharge or leakage current. You had better to keep the ceramic surface clean.
  • Relays should be kept from collision, which might make relays leaking, parameter changing or failing to work.
  • After a period of stock, a trace of gas might release from material, which will cause one or two times current surges in vacuum relays when high voltage is put on open contacts or contact to ground. When vacuum relays are mounted, its mounting base should be connected to ground to avoid destroying the coil power supply circuit.
  • Two mounting method, flange mounting and screw mounting, are the most common method for GLvac relays. When relays are mounted, please keep the envelope and juncture of relays from transverse force.The recommended mounting methods for relays are shown as the following drawing.