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Order Information

  • Please inform the product name, type and specification, also need to clarify the latching methods: electrical latching or mechanical latching.

          For example: JCZ5-630/7.2 (electrical latching)

                       JCZ5-630/7.2-S (mechanical latching)

  • Rated working voltage and current.
  • Rated control voltage, mechanical latching: rated closing voltage and opening voltage.  
  • The quantity of NO and NC contacts
  • Install direction of connector bar of control loop
  • Any other special requirement

Note: ① Direction of connector bar

Front connector bar is in the same side of main loop. Back connector bar is behind the main loop.

Transportation and Storage

  • No throwing or colliding during the handling procedure; No inversing, rolling, shaking during transportation; also should avoid of any rain and snow.
  • Contactor should be stored in the warehouse that without water invasion, corrosive or flammable gas, and that with ventilation, dry and -30℃~+40℃ temperature.
  • Contactor should be put on a plastic bag instead of put the product on the floor for long time.
  • Please check the product before use if the storage time exceeds 6 months.

General Working Condition

  • Working Temperature: -25℃40℃
  • Altitude: less than 2000m
  • Relative Humidity: the relative humidity won’t exceed 50% at temperature of 40℃. Higher relative humidity is permitted at lower temperature. The monthly max average humidity is 90% at the average temperature of 20℃ in the wettest month, and the condensation was already taken into consideration.
  • Working Environment: occasion without rain, snow, explosion and strong vibration
  • Mounting Condition: dip angle between mounting and vertical surface can not exceed 15℃
  • Pollution Grade: Ⅲ
  • Mounting Class: the 3rd class