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HV DC Contactors

GLVAC/GIGAVAC high voltage DC contactor adopts advanced ceramic sealing and magnetic quenching technology, which has the following excellent performances:

  •  Excellent temperature resistance performance, can be used in a working environment of -55℃ to +85℃, even +125℃.
  • Small size, can withstand and switch large current. Working current can up to 600A, voltage can up to 1000V.
  • Hermetically sealed, with no risks of arcing leakage and fire.
  • Sealing chamber can effectively prevent contact oxidized and melted. Low and stable contact resistance.
  •  Can be used in any environment, including immersion, high/low pressure and other harsh environment.
  • Not position sensitive, can be mounted in any position for ease of installation.

GLVAC high voltage DC contactor is suitable for most of DC switching industrial applications, especially for the blade/hybrid electric vehicle, solar PV, wind power equipment, Energy storage power system, inverter, and such HV DC applications. Most contactors of this series have passed the UL certification.

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Contact FormAuxiliary
Contact Form
Coil Voltage
GX16 600 800 SPST-NO SPST-NO/NC 12/24/48 -55 to +85 Yes
GXNC14 350 800 SPST-NC SPST-NO/NC 12/24/48 -40到+85 Yes
GX200 350 750 SPST-NO SPST-NO/NC 12/24/48 -55 to +85 Yes