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Introduction and Instructions

Multi Purpose EPIC® Sealed Contactor

Kunshan Guoli Vacuum Electric Co., Ltd and GIGAVAC developed GX series Multi Purpose EPIC® Sealed Contactor, which adopt Extended Performance Impervious Ceramic sealing technology. Prior to this new technology, sealed relays & contactors used all ceramic envelopes which are very expensive, glass to metal seals which do not provide true seals over long periods of time, or epoxy and plastic seals that do not provide the high temperature ratings or the micro-sealing needed to use higher performance back fill gasses.

Because GIGAVAC EPIC® technology, Esterline's Leach International (one of the world’s largest aerospace electrical power distribution system integrators and manufacture of relays & contactors) teamed with GIGAVAC to develop the next generation 270Vdc contactors for aircraft. 

Thanks to its long life, small volume and light weight, these contactors can be used in the following area:

Mines – drive systems and control

Electrical vehicle

Aircraft moving equipment

Battery back-up applications

Hybrid & Fuel Cell drive systems for large trucks & Busses

Boats and underwater equipment

Solar generator system

AC & DC power switching system.