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Installation and Usage

Use Notice for Pulse Magnetron

  • Check the flexibility of tuning part, check if the turning is 4.75 circles, and if the torque is under normal condition.
  • Check if the magnetic field strength can meet the requirement
  • Pay attention to the mounting direction
  • Install the fixed screw, tight the opposite angles, and put pressure uniformly
  • Special requirement for the connection of cathode lead
  • Strictly ensure the preheating time and filament power
  • Must apply the cooling water before high pressure, and ensure constant water temperature and flow
  • SF6 gas pressure must meet the instruction
  • Increase/decrease filament power in strict accordance with the instruction

Use Notice for CW Magnetron

  • GLCWM-100L and GLCWM-100LT have the same electrical parameter with slight differences in appearance.Also the filament and cathode connectors is different.
  • User should check the high frequency washer and installation situation.After confirmation,the product can be installed into electromagnet.
  • During installation,ensure pipe and water loop of equipment to be connected closely and watertight.When magnetron is working, make sure that electromagnet and other cooling conditions meet the requirement
  • When install or disassemble magnetron, do not grasp filament parts, in case of sealing interface of filament ceramic rings fracture, air leak.
  • The preheating time of product should no less than 3 minutes. User must adjust the filament current base on the decline curve within 5s when working. After adjustion, the filament current should within curve limits.
  • Anode current ripple factor should less than 0.5%, or it will lead to instability of work and damage of product.
  • To avoid large reflection power generated by load change retures back to magnetron, used must install circulator between excitation chamber and load to prevent magnetron being damaged.
  • Anode current can be regulated through adjustion of magnet current(magnetic field) to reach required microwave power. Accuracy control of anode current is the fundamental.To this end,user can adopts feedback loop to let partial anode current feedback to magnet current.