Classification of Capacitors

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Classification of Capacitors

What is vacuum capacitor

Vacuum capacitor is a kind of capacitor using vacuum as media. The plates of the capacitor, which are sealed in a high vacuum ceramic container, are series concentric cylinders made by high conductive oxygen free copper. As the cylinders are shaped by series precise mold, vacuum capacitors have reliable performance and hardly bring out arc and electric corona.

Classification of Vacuum capacitors

Fixed ceramic vacuum capacitors: General fixed ceramic vacuum capacitors, adjustable fixed vacuum ceramic capacitors.
Variable ceramic vacuum capacitors: Convection cooling variable ceramic vacuum capacitors, air cooling variable ceramic vacuum capacitors, water cooling variable ceramic vacuum capacitors

How to define the capacitor

According to Chinese standard, the type of vacuum capacitors should be named after the first letter (capital) of the Chinese pronunciation except capacitor, which is denoted by "C", such as vacuum ceramic capacitor: 

By now, adjustable fixed vacuum ceramic capacitors and air cooling variable vacuum ceramic capacitors haven't been made by Chinese company. As Chinese factory is just on beginning of making water cooling vacuum ceramic capacitors, there is not Chinese standard for the name; we just similarly named the capacitors as the original standard.