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Product Name:AC Contactors

Item No:CKJ5-80/1.14


Vacuum contactors use vacuum interrupter as switching elements, the main circuit moveable and stationary contacts are sealed in the vacuum where the atmospheric pressure is lower than 1×10-2 Pa. Vacuum medium has good isolation and arc extinguishing ability, so the vacuum contactor is characterized as high isolation voltage, small contact stroke, low contact wear, long life and so on.

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CKJ5-80/1.14 Product Introduce

Technical parameters
Rated voltage kV 1.14
Rated current A 80
Rated Turn-on capacity A/50 Times 960
Rated breaking capacity A/50 Times 800
Mechanical life Times 1×106
Electrical Life Times 6×104
Weight kg 1.8
Controlled power voltage V(AC) 36、127、220
P>ick up power> W(transient) 295
Hold power W 10
Auxiliary contact 2 pairs NO, 1 pairs NC
Auxiliary contact capacity AC-15: Ue:AC380V Ie:0.7A
DC-13: Ue:DC220V Ie:0.1A

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