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Product Name:Hydrogen Thyratrons

Item No:GL108


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GL108 Product Introduce

Anode Parameter
Peak forward anode voltage: 35kV
Peak inverse anode voltage: 5kA
Peak Reverse Anode Voltage : 18kV
Peak Reverse Anode Current: 2.5kA
Average Anode Current: 2A
Anode Current Pulse Duration: 0.15us
Anode Dissipation Factor: 50×10^9
Anode Current Rate of Rise:

5×10^10 A/s [1]

Grid 2 drive
Peak Open Circuit Trigger Voltage : 500V ~ 1500V
Driver Circuit Output Impedance: 25Ω ~ 250Ω
Driver Pulse Rise Time: 0 ~ 150 ns
Driver Pulse Width:

1 us ~ 2 us

Bias Voltage (negative): 0V~-150V
Anode Delay Time: 0 ~ 500ns
Anode Delay Time Drift: 0 ~ 150ns
Grid 1 DC drive
DC grid 1 unloaded priming voltage : 0 ~ 300V
DC grid 1 priming current: 50mA ~ 100 mA
Grid 1 Pulse drive
Unload grid 1 drive pulse voltage: 500V ~ 1500V
Grid 1 pulse duration: 2μs(min)
Rate of rise of grid 1 pulse: 1kV/μs(min)
Peak inverse grid 1 voltage: 200V(max)
Drive current: 1.0A~3.0A

Cathode And Reservoir Heater

Cathode heater voltage: 6.3V±5%V ac
Cathode heater current: 14A ~ 16A
Reservoir heater voltage: 6.3V±5%V ac
Reservoir heater current: 4A ~ 5A
Minimum heater time: 5min

Mechanical Characteristics

Dimension and tube connections: See dimensional date
Net weight: About 1500g
Mounting position: Any[2]
Dimension: See outline
Cooling way:

Forced-air or liquid immersion [3]

[1] This rate of rise refers to that part of the leading edge of the pulse between 26% and 70%of the pulse amplitude. 
[2] The tube must be mounted by means of its cathode mounting flange.
[3] The temperature of the envelope must not exceed the value specified below.
Ceramic, anode and grids below 150℃. Cathode mounting flange and base below 120℃.