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Product Name:Hydrogen Thyratrons

Item No:GL8613


The hydrogen thyratron

 can Cross reference 

L-3: L-4884B
Perkin Elmer: HY-1A
E2V: 8503B
Triton: 8613

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GL8613 Product Introduce

Anode Parameter
Peak forward anode voltage: 16kV
Peak inverse anode voltage: 16kV
Peak anode current: 500A
Average anode current: 0.5A
Rate of rise of anode current: 2000A/μs
Plate break down factor: 10×109Vapps
Maximum pulse power: 4MW
Unloaded grid drive pulse voltage: 200V~600V
Grid pulse duration: 2μs
Rate of rise of grid pulse: 1.2kV/μs
Peak inverse grid voltage: 200V(max)
Forward impedance of grid circuit: 250Ω~500Ω
Heater voltage: 6.3V±8%Vac
Heater current: 6A~11.5A
Minimum heater time: 5min
Mounting position: Any
Dimension: See outline
Cooling way: Forced-air
Cross reference
L-3: L-4884B
Perkin Elmer: HY-1A
E2V: 8503B
Triton: 8613