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Product Name:DPDT GL12SP

Item No:GL12SP


‧Smallest high voltage DPDT relay 

Durable tungsten contacts for hot load switching 

‧Vacuum dielectric for effective arc quenching when opening under load 

User interchangeable coils provide for driver versatility 

Meets or exceeds standards set in MIL-R-83725 

‧Consult factory for load switching applications

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GL12SP Product Introduce

Contact & Relay Ratings Units GL12SP
Contact Form 2C
Contact Arrangement DPDT
Test Voltag,(kV, Peak), Test Max., Contacts & to Base (15 μA Leakage Max., dc or 60Hz) KV Peak 10
Rated Operating Voltage,(kV,Peak), Contacts & to Base (15 μA Leakage Max.)
dc or 60Hz

KV Peak

2.5MHz Kv Peak 5
16MHz KV Peak 3
32MHz KV Peak 2
Continuous Current, Carry Max
dc or 60Hz Amps 10
2.5MHz Kv Peak 7
16MHz KV Peak 3
32MHz KV Peak 2
Coil Hi-Pot (V RMS, 60 Hz) V 500
Across Open Contacts pF 0.8
Contacts to Ground pF 1.5
Resistance, Contact Max @ 1A, 28Vdc ohms 0.02
Operate Time, Max ms 15
Release Time, Max ms 15
Mechanical Life Cycles 1 million
Weight g 70
Vibration, Sine (10-2000 Hz Peak) G’s 10
Shock, 1/2 Sine11ms (Peak) G’s 30
Operating Temperature Ambient ºC -55 ~ +125
Operating Temperature Ambient ºC 200
Coil Ratings
Coil Ratings
Nominal, Volts dc 12 26.5 115
Pick-up, Volts dc, Max 8 16 80
Drop-Out, Volts dc .5-5 1-10 5-50
Coil Resistance(Ω±10%) 60 250 3500
* Ratings listed are for 25°C, sea level conditions

* Order the relay with the coil voltage in the part number as shown above. The coil voltage will appear on the coil plate near the coil terminals rather than in the P/N on the relay.