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Product Name:Isolating Switches

Item No:GHK-800/3.6


Features of loading phase-change switches: They have obvious isolating fracture with air and vacuum breaking capacity. Small contact stroke, short arcing time, high breaking capacity, maintenance-free.

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GHK-800/3.6 Product Introduce

Technical parameters
Rated voltage kV 3.6
Rated current A 800
Rated short circuit breaking current kA 6.3
Rated short time withstanding current (2s) kA 8
Rated peak withstanding current kA 20
Rated short time withstand voltage kV 18
Rated BIL withstand voltage kV 40
Rated short time withstand voltage(contact stroke) kV 20
Rated BIL withstand voltage(contact stroke) kV 46
Mechanical life Times 6000
Weight kg 37
Auxiliary contact 2 pairs NO, 2 pairs NC
Auxiliary contact capacity AC-15: Ue:AC380V Ie:0.7A
DC-13: Ue:DC220V Ie:0.1A