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Product Name:Isolating Switches

Item No:GHZ-800/1.14


Small contact stroke, short arcing time, small size, simple structure, portable operating, they have extremely high breaking capacity.

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GHZ-800/1.14 Product Introduce

Technical parameters
Rated voltage kV 1.14
Rated current A 800
Rated short circuit breaking current kA 6.3
Rated short time withstanding current (2s) KA 8
Rated peak withstanding current KA 20
Rated BIL withstand voltage kV 4.2
Rated short time withstand voltage(contact stroke) kV 10
Mechanical life 6000
Weight kg 23
Auxiliary contact 4 pairs NO, 4 pairs NC
Auxiliary contact capacity AC-15: Ue:AC380V Ie:1A
DC-13: Ue:DC250V Ie:0.8A