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Product Name:Circuit Breakers

Item No:ZN7-400/1.14


Small contact stroke, small size, light weight, low operating power, quick, short arcing time. Isolation performance of the contacts is good after arc-extinguishing, failure capability is better around breaking area; slight combustion loss when breaking the current of contactors, long life, low noise;Used in high frequency operation.

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ZN7-400/1.14 Product Introduce

Technical Parameters
Rated voltage V 1140(660)
Rated current A 400
Ultimate making capacity kA 7.5(9)
Inherent opening time ms ≤30
Inherent closing time ms ≤100
Closing Bounce time ms ≤2
Mechanical life Times 2×104
Electrical Life Times 3×103
Weight kg 18
Closing power supply voltage V(AC) 127
under-voltage, shunt DC current V(DC) 48
Closing power W(transient) 1152
Opening power W 31
under-voltage power W 5
Auxiliary contact 4 pairs NO, 4 pairs NC
Auxiliary contact capacity Ue:AC380V Ie:10A