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Product Name:AC Contactors

Item No:CKJ11-3000


CKJ11-3000 vacuum contactor is the high-tech product we independent research and developed, passed the electric performance test, ambient experiment, shock and vibration test of the certification authority. The prototypes have been approved by customers. Currently the capacitance of CKJ11-3000 vacuum contactor is the largest in low voltage vacuum contactors at home and abroad, which can be used in the field of solar energy, wind power generation equipment, large smelting and transportation equipment, etc.

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CKJ11-3000 Product Introduce

Technical parameters
Rated voltage kV 1.5(0.38)
Rated current A 3000
Rated Turn-on capacity A/50 Times 30000
Rated Disjunction capacity A/50 Times 24000
High-point Disjunction capacity A/3 Times 24000
Mechanical life Times 1×106
Electrical Life Times 6×104
Weight Kg 170
Control power voltage V(AC) 380
Pick up power W(transient) 24000
Hold power W 300
Auxiliary contact 3 pairs NO, 3 pairs NC
Auxiliary contact Ue: AC380V;Ie:10A