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Declaration of Non-conflict Minerals Sourcing Policy

Conflict Minerals refer to Gold (Au), Tantalum (Ta), Tungsten (W), Tin (Sn) and other metals coming from conflicting mining area in Democratic Republic of Congo. Selling these minerals may provide financial support for  continuous armed conflicts of these countries.

We will strictly obey the code of conduct of electronics industry, no purchase or support of using Conflict Minerals, require all of our suppliers not to purchase Conflict Minerals and extend this requirement to their sub-suppliers.

Company main purchasing material as follows:

1. Tin bronze bellows
Tin bronze bellows which belong to elastic element, require good ductility so that they are convenient for machining and forming, and they can get enough strength and elasticity by processing (such as cold hardening or heat treatment).
The bellows must have high elastic limit, high tensile strength and high fatigue strength, at the same time, ultimate standard should be reached (specific requirements) to ensure the normal working of the elastic element.
Tin bronze bellows have good weld ability, so that they can meet the technological requirements for welding in the bellows manufacturing process.
This kind of material has stable elastic properties that have a low influence on time and temperature. Beside, Low hysteresis, low stress relaxation and creep are also needed.
Good corrosion resistant and stability.
There are no calculation methods for some kinds of performance index of Elastic element, such as fatigue life and durability for elastic element using pressure gauge, stability for bellows, diaphragms and diaphragm capsules. Besides, some mechanical properties are unknown, such as elastic limit, fatigue strength, creep limit. At this time, we must make sure limit stress, at which elastic element can't work regularly, by experiment. Life need to reach more than 3 million.
2.Enamelled wire
The film thickness of the coil is required to reach thin film in level 1B and thick film in level 2B, temperature resistant of enameled coating is up to 200.The main components of the enameled wire are copper wire and complex coating using single coating or double coating film as bottom, bonding layer as outside. No damaged film after snapping is required. The diameter of enameled wire is 0.032mm 0.5mm.
3.Alumina ceramics
Alumina ceramic is a kind of material using AL2O3 as the main raw material, which requires good technical property, such as high mechanical strength, high hardness, low high-frequency dielectric loss, high insulation resistance for high temperature, chemical corrosion resistant and thermal conductivity etc. Besides, high resist compression and tensile strength for metallization braze are also needed. The price of supplier should be cheap relatively, and machining & manufacturing technology is relative mature. A-99 and A-95 ceramics which are needed in our company are used in electron component products. Sintering temperature for Alumina ceramic is higher than 1650.
4. Oxygen-free rod and bar
The diameter of Oxygen-free rod and bar is 100MM~300MM
5. Oxygen-free sheets and strips
Thickness is 0.2-3.5mm

Company requirements to suppliers : 
- ISO9000 Quality System Certification
- On time (information need confirmed and do as promised)
- High-quality products and services (Exceed customers' requirements)
- Under scientific management, can take responsibility, and pay enough attention to safety
- Can accept our site management review and about 6-12 months sample test before become the approved vendor

The vendors, which can meet the requirements, also with competitive price and willing to cooperate with us for long-term, are welcomed to contact us.
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