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Basic Information

Sample Type:
Rated Voltage:
Rated Current:
Latching Methods:
Control Voltage:
Position of Auxiliary Contact:
Quantity of Auxiliary Contact:
Outlets Mode:
Special Requirement:

Outline Dimension

Outline Drawing:
Mounting Dimension(mm):
Distance between phases:
Thickness of conductive plates(mm):
Distance between up and down conductive plates(mm):
Distance between down conductive plates to base(mm):
Exposed length of up conductive plates(mm):
Exposed length of down conductive plates(mm):
Special Requirement:

Performance Parameter

Voltage classes of main circuit:
Rated Contact stroke(mm):
Closing Bounce(ms):
Closing Out-of-Sync(ms):
Opening Out-of-Sync(ms):
Min Pick-up (min closing) Voltage:
Max Release Voltage (Electrical Latching):
Min Opening Voltage (Mechanical Latching):
Contact resistance of main circuit(μΩ):
Insulation resistance of main circuit(MΩ):
Withstand voltage of main circuit(kV/1min):
Withstand voltage to ground on secondary circuit(kV/1min):
Other Requirements: