Kunshan GuoLi will participate in the ASTRO’s 55th annual meeting
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Kunshan GuoLi will participate in the ASTRO’s 55th annual meeting

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  Kunshan GuoLi will participate in the ASTRO’s 55th annual meeting held in Georgia World Congress Center onSeptember 22 - 25, 2013. The booth number is No.2428.

  ASTRO’s annual meeting is one of the world's largest activities of radiation oncology scientific. All the latest products and services will be display in the exhibition hall. Kunshan GuoLi, as the global manufacturer batch producing s-band 2.6 MW pulse magnetron, will exhibits the independently-developed GLM5193 pulsed magnetron, hydrogen thyratron, vacuum capacitors, etc during the exhibition.

  GLM5193 Pulse Magnetron is a high power microwave source specially designed and manufactured for electric linear accelerator, and has advantages such as high power, high efficiency and good stability etc. It is widely used in electric linear accelerator in medical treatment, security inspection, and flaw detection etc. GLM5193 can directly replace ( no need any adjustment or change) MG5193 in the application of kinds of linear accelerator. It is of great significance in the aspects of breaking the monopoly and the realization of localization.

  GL’s hydrogen thyratron is a discharge device using hot cathode low pressure gas(hydrogen or deuterium), which has high working voltage, high pulse current, quick and steady fire lighting , low trigger voltage, high frequency, reliability and efficiency, light weight, small size, convenient to use such advantages.

  Kunshan GuoLi as one of a few manufacturers producing vacuum capacitors, its product using vacuum as dielectric with ceramic envelope ,which has the features of high voltage , small size , high Q value(), stabilization capability , high reliability , cost-effective. GL vacuum capacitor is the best choose for replacing imported Comet, Jennings capacitor.

  GL’s products with its high cost performance, has won the global clients’ favor.