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  • TD-12/630-16: T ( Ceramic insulating housing ), D ( Vacuum interrupter for breaker ),  -12 ( Rated voltage ), 630 ( Rated current ),  -16 ( Rated short circuit breaking current ).
  • TJ-1.14/125A: T ( Ceramic insulating housing ) , J ( Vacuum interrupter for contactor ),  -1.14 ( Rated voltage ), 125(Rated current).

Vacuum interrupter can be sorted by purpose, for breaker, for load switches, for contactor and for special utilization.

Vacuum interrupter for breaker should be capable to break short circuit current, which is used in circuit and electric equipment for over loading and short circuit protection, normally don't need frequently operate. It can break rated short circuit current more than 30 times.

Vacuum switching tubes for load switches only need to break load current, or rated working current. It is usually used with fuse breaker that can break short circuit current, can break load current 200 to 300 times. 

Vacuum switching tubes for contactor need frequently operate under certain load current. It can operate 500,000 to 1,000,000 time or even more. It is usually used with fuse breaker too.

Vacuum switching tubes for special utilization is used in special condition, such as that can break high voltage DC current, can trigger spark or can break high frequency current.

Vacuum switching tubes can be sorted by its contact head structure, such as flat contact head, transverse magnetic field contact head, axial magnetic field contact head, crossed magnetic field contact head (cup-shaped contact head) and other special contact head structure.

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